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A Smart Contract is Smarter with Vericrypt

  • AI Surface Analysis

  • Manual Line-By-Line

  • Penetration Testing

  • Two-Auditor Review


AI Surface Analysis

Introducing a cutting-edge surface analysis designed to streamline your smart contract development process by helping to identify common issues and pitfalls.

While not a replacement for a manual audit, it can serve as a quick sanity check and provide guidance and feedback before submitting the code to a full audit.

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Line-by-Line Analysis

Automated scripts are only surface-level and can only get you so far.


All Vericrypt audits include manual, thoughtful, and thorough line-by-line analysis that meticulously explores all known exploit vectors.

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Penetration Testing

We launch the smart contract on a local test net, then go through every trick in the book to try to break it.

The act of trying to exploit a smart contract gives critical insight into how the code behaves in a variety of less-than-ideal situations and edge cases.

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One set of eyes is not enough. From start to finish, all of our audits are performed not once, but twice, and by two separate auditors.

Only at the very end of the process do our auditors compare notes. While more time-intensive, this process is what makes Vericrypt audits second-to-none.

James H.

“We're very fortunate to have chosen Vericrypt for our smart contract audit. They found a critical issue with our code and gave us very specific recommendations, giving us the opportunity to fully correct the mistake before launch. We owe a lot of our success to them."


A better way to audit smart contracts.

We only employ the most talented security professionals in the industry, and provide some of the most exhaustive testing available on the market.

Contact us for a quote today.

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